Claudia DuPree
Some attributes
born June 5, 1711 (18/316)
turned by Cordelia November 11th, 1733
status vampire (Cordelia's line)
Family * Unnamed Father
  • Odette DuPree (Mother)
  • Peter Hargrove (Husband)
  • Cordelia DuPree (Older Sister)
  • Lucretia DuPree (Younger Sister)
  • Gabriel DuPree ( Younger Brother)
  • Marcus DuPree (Younger Brother)
cause of death stabbed
killed by Cordelia DuPree

Claudia DuPree is the younger sister of Cordelia DuPree. Unlike her sister Claudia was actually quick to marry and married a boy she'd known since she was little and loved playing the part of the dutiful housewife. she loved everything about being a wife and wanted to start a family. But it was short lived when her sister Cordelia DuPree finally found her she turned her into a vampire thinking it was the only way to save her.

Family TiesEdit

Claudia was the much more responsible, intelligent and sensible sister despite being younger than her older sister Cordelia DuPree. Cordelia and Claudia were close as children but as they grew older their differences seemed apparent and Claudia didn't agree with her sister's relationship with Draegan Mikaelson and so they often fought. When Claudia found out that her sister had transformed into a vampire to be with her lover forever Claudia ever the realist tried to understand but it wasn't in her nature to so she cut ties with her sister who was rather distraught with Claudia's decision.

It was two years later when Claudia was now eighteen and trying to get pregnant with her husband Peter that her sister Cordelia DuPree sought her out and explained to her that their parents and sibling's had all died because they had a deadly disease and Cordelia wanted to save her sister's life by making her a vampire but Claudia refused. Cordelia returned a little later and kidnapped her sister, not taking no for an answer she force-fed Claudia her blood and stabbed her in the stomach and waited for her little sister to wake up a newly turned vampire.

The once close sister's would never be the same again, especially when Claudia awoke as a vampire and made it clear she would never ever forgive Cordelia for what she had done and what she'd taken from her because although she loved her husband she knew now she could never go back to him and would never be a mother. Claudia waited for her sister to be distracted before she ran and carried on running from her sister refusing to deal with what her sister had done to her and never forgave her sister. Coming back to New Orleans was more of a mistake but she had no idea her sister had given up on trying to draw her back in and was even more surprised that Draegan and Cordelia had kept their romance, because Cordelia seemed to have got everything she wanted whilst Claudia had lost everything she had when she was human.