Cordelia DuPree
Some attributes
born June 5, 1713 (18/318)
turned by Draegan Mikaelsonon May 7th, 1731
status vampire (Draegan's line)
Family * Unnamed Father
  • Odette DuPree (Mother)
  • Claudia DuPree (Sister)
  • Lucretia DuPree (Sister)
  • Gabriel DuPree (Brother)
  • Marcus DuPree (Brother)
cause of death poisoned
killed by Draegan

Cordelia DuPree is the outgoing, wild, carefree older sister to Claudia DuPree. As a child Cordelia and Claudia has been very close and like best friends,she was closer with Claudia than her other siblings perhaps because there were bigger age gaps between her youngest sister and younger brothers. As they grew older though her sister Claudia was clearly very different than Cordelia and when Cordelia started a romance with vampire Draegan her sister seemed to disapprove quite a lot and seemed to pass a lot of judgement on to her.

First LoveEdit

Cordelia's first love might have been with vampire Draegan but that didn't mean it was healthy or good for her. Claudia told her often that it would be her undoing but Cordelia just refused to marry and knew she wouldn't love anyone like she loved Draegan even if her sister Claudia disagreed. Draegan had confided in his love about what he really was and wanted to be with him forever so had begged him to change her many times but he felt like she wasn't ready for that kind of commitment and refused to sire her because it would change everything for her, even if she didn't know it.

It was a couple years later when Cordelia was eighteen that Draegan finally agreed to turn her when he finally admitted that he couldn't live without her if she died and so fed her his blood and gave her a poison which took hold whilst she was sleeping. Waking up a vampire and seeing her lover Draegan by her side made her happy but the transition was one of the most difficult things she could have imagined and when her sister abandoned her she also had to accept she was on her own. When Claudia moved away with her husband Peter, Cordelia stayed with Draegan. When she found out about her mother's sickness she did consider turning her mother but after some conversations with her mother and father about it she knew that her mother would never accept it, her mother knew she was going to die and had come to terms with that and wouldn't have it any other way. Within weeks her youngest sister Lucretia and her brothers were sick too and she wanted to save them but Draegan stopped her. So she made it her mission to save Claudia if it was the last thing she did because she couldn't allow her sister to die too, she needed some family but her plan to kidnap her little sister and turn her against her will didn't go down too well because whilst her sister did complete the transition her sister ran from her and continued to run from her from that day promising never to forgive Cordelia for what she had done.